SAT: Direction from Suggestions Counselors: Lesson 8

SAT: Direction from Suggestions Counselors: Lesson 8

Sarah Newlin, Testive’s Advice Counselor Outreach Consultant, is exploring how guidance counselors are usually preparing for the revolutionary SAT and what advice they’ll be giving moms and dads and trainees.

Therefore , what are direction counselors saying to their learners about the FRESH SAT? In actual fact, not all so much just yet. They are still figuring out for themselves what exactly are the changes signify for the check content and the majority don’t would like to pile avoidable stress against students and parents. After all, the faculty Board remains in the process connected with releasing learn about the new experiment to the common.

That said, a large number of counselors manage to fall into two camps in terms of the advice they are really giving:

Camp one: Focus on often the ACT

The theory guiding this position is that the ACT serves as a pretty fixed test for a long time. This equals more open public knowledge about the exam and the associated with more good quality practice components. In short, test-takers and those just who help them prepare yourself for the BEHAVE tests, can better guess what the WORK will be like on test out day.

On the other hand, the College Aboard will only currently have limited ‘official’ practice product available and perhaps that will not end up being as vetted as existing SAT practice material for instance the Blue E book. Until several administrations belonging to the new test have handed and any sort of kinks are worked out, quality content only will be a bit unknown plus unknowable. Continue reading “SAT: Direction from Suggestions Counselors: Lesson 8”