The OSADL Project: Realtime Linux Workshops

The OSADL Project: Realtime Linux Workshops

Real-time Linux – Usage and Applications

Real-time Linux is a growing technology. The mixture of difficult real-time coupled with a massive set of developed and developing features inside Linux makes this a solution that is attractive. The talk covers steps to start dealing with real-time Linux and shows working examples. Some success that is significant are presented.

Complex control systems, applications of DIAPM-RTAI at DIAPM

The applications presented here are two digital adaptive vibration suppression experiments: the rise associated with the normal damping of a big versatile truss making use of on/off atmosphere jet thrusters; together with reduced total of the acoustic emissions of a panel making use of piezoelectric materials as distributed sensors and actuators. The adaptation of the controller is obtained by combining an identification step using a Vector-Channel Lattice Filter, recursive both in time and order, and a full state controller based on a robust multi-input-multi-output pole placement technique; in the second one the adaptive scheme is based on a Diagonal Recurrent Neural Network in the first case. The truss test is an important exemplory case of a control that is complex utilizing two Computer and several cooperating tasks, although the panel one shows the RTAI performances in high-frequency control systems.

real-time Linux utilized at NOAO additionally the LabVIEW

Real-time Linux utilized at NOAO (3 tasks) in addition to LabVIEW

Real-Time Linux in Robotics and Control Systems Analysis: A Pratical Experience

Within the systematic community, it is commonly recognised the fact dependable experimental outcomes ought to be obtained in an acceptable limited time, with low efforts along with fairly modest resources. Continue reading “The OSADL Project: Realtime Linux Workshops”